Welcome to Level 5!



Welcome to Level 5!

You Earned It.



You have done excellent work for CrowdSurf. Because you have consistently submitted high quality tasks, we would like to grant you access to more work and better bonuses!  (Details Below)

Congratulations once again, and we're excited to continue working with you.

Your CrowdSurf Support Team

1. What is Level 5?

Level 5 CrowdSurfers gain access to all QC Reject queues!

All of your knowledge about Full Text Review and Transcription Review is utilized in Level 5 tasks! Our goal in Level 5 is to make the job ready for live viewers. In QC Reject your job is to complete a Full Text Review with the assistance of QC scoring. This is the last line of defense to make tasks perfect for the customer. You'll have access to challenging tasks, and you'll need to deliver consistent and accurate final transcripts.

2. How much do I make in Level 5?

  • Full Text Review = $0.18/mm for editing and flagging incorrect timing. 
  • QC Reject = $0.20/mm for completing a higher level Full Text Edit on a task that failed the QC process. 
  • Quality Control = $0.17/mm qc'ed for reviewing and grading sampled sentences.
  • Timing Review = $0.18/mm timed sentences for retiming incorrect captions.
  • Special Handling-Critical = $0.20/mm for Clean Verbatim Editing and Retiming of full length transcripts. Earn an additional $0.10/mm when your task passes QC!
  • Full Text Review  - General Media = $0.20/mm for editing and flagging incorrect timing on challenging audio tasks.

These tasks have a higher effective pay rate than our Transcription HITs and our Review HITs in WorkMarket. 

3. Your Success in Level 5

To stay in Level 5 we need you to keep delivering high quality work. This means a QC Score between 3.8 and 3.89 and a target Approval Rating of 90% on QC Reject tasks. If your score falls below these quality levels we will provide feedback on your mistakes. Our goal is to help you be as successful as possible with CrowdSurf.

4. Tracking Your Work

You can keep track of your completed work on your dashboard under QC Reject or Payment Summary in the CrowdSurfWork platform.

5. Payment Method

All payments will be made to your WorkMarket account. You will be paid per media minute on CrowdSurfWork. 

This means that a 10 minute QC Reject task is worth $2.00. The longer the task, the more you earn!  Please refer to your Worker History Dashboard for your earnings information.  

CrowdSurfWork Bonuses are in addition to the task base rates. Bonus announcements are posted every week on the CrowdSurf Blog. Stay tuned for updates.

6. Logging In to CrowdSurfWork

Please log in HERE with your credentials:

Once you've logged in for the first time:

7. Next Steps!

When you submit at least 100 QC Reject tasks with a QC Score between 3.8 and 3.89 you will become eligible for Level 6 work. Level 6 CrowdSurfers gain access to special projects and beta testing opportunities. With every CrowdSurf Promotion, you unlock access to new and better work!  

You are one of our highest performing workers on CrowdSurfWork we want to thank you for all your hard work! We are excited to have you in Level 5!
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Question 1. What is the CrowdSurfWork Platform?
A. CrowdSurfWork is the platform where you perform all HITs/Tasks. All of your Full-Text Review, QC Reject tasks are now available on CrowdSurfWork!

Question 2. Where do I log in?
A. Bookmark this link! https://work.crowdsurfwork.com/accounts/login/

Question 3. Why did I lose my task?
A.  In order to meet deadlines we have had to implement an additional activity monitor separate from the 14-hour timer on the task. As long as you stay logged in and connected to the CrowdSurfWork platform with a healthy Internet connection, you should not lose the task.
To find an active task, click the "Active" button in the top right, preview and try to accept the task that is served up, click "Continue" to resume work on your active task.


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