Welcome to Level 6!


Welcome to Level 6!

You Earned It


You have done excellent work on Full-Text Reviews/QC Rejects for CrowdSurf. Because you have consistently submitted quality work, we would like to grant you access to more work and better bonuses!  (Details Below)

Congratulations once again, and we're excited to continue working with you.

CrowdSurf Support Team

Level 6!

1. What is Level 6?
2. How much do I make in Level 6?
3. Your Success in Level 6
4. Tracking Your Work
5. Payment Method
6. Next Steps!


1. What is Level 6?

Level 6 CrowdSurfers gain access to 3 new task types:

  1. Quality Control Tasks
  2. Timing Review Tasks
  3. Special Handling- Critical tasks
  4. Speaker ID

All of your FTR/QCR expertise is essential in Level 6!  In Quality Control, you score sentences from Full-Text Transcripts; in Timing Review you retime text that was flagged in FTR, and in Special Handling tasks you perform a rigorous Full-Text Review and Retiming pass with a tight deadline, and in Speaker ID you will ensure that all speakers are given a name/ID throughout the media!

This is your chance to rise to the challenge of exciting new tasks! See tutorials below!

2. How much do I make in Level 5?

  • Full-Text Review = $0.17/mm for editing and flagging incorrect timing. 
  • Quality Control = $0.17/mm qc'ed for grading sentences.
  • Timing Review = $0.18/mm timed sentences for retiming incorrect captions.
  • Special Handling-Critical = $0.20/mm for Clean Verbatim Editing and Retiming of full-length transcripts. Earn an additional $0.10/mm when your task passes QC!
  • Speaker ID = $0.15/mm for identifying all speakers and correcting speaker changes throughout media.

These tasks have a higher effective pay rate than our Transcription HITs and our Review HITs. 

3. Your Success in Level 6

To stay in Level 6 we need you to keep delivering high-quality work. This means a QC Score between 3.75 and 3.80 and a target Approval Rating of 90% on FTR and Special Handling-Critical. If your score falls below these quality levels we will provide feedback on your mistakes. Our goal is to help you be as successful as possible with CrowdSurfWork.

Review the QC Guidelines, Timing Review TutorialSpecial Handling Critical Guidelines, and the Speaker ID Guidelines for Level 6 Best Practices!

4. Tracking Your Work

Please use your Work History Dashboard (available through the Stats Tab of accepted HITs) to keep track of your QC tasks.  

5. Payment Method

You will be paid per media minute for your Level 6 tasks. 

Timing Review tasks are paid per timed sentence media minute, as you work on flagged sentences, not the entire job. QC tasks are paid per QC'ed sentence media minute from the sentences that you score. Similarly, Speaker ID tasks are paid per identified sentence media minute.

All of your work will be paid after you submit the HIT. You will earn the base price immediately upon submission, then the remainder of your per media minute payment will be delivered as a bonus to your CrowdSurfWork account!

This is considered the task base rate payment.

CrowdSurfWork Bonuses are in addition to the task base rates. Bonus requirements are subject to change. Bonus announcements are posted every week on the CrowdSurf Blog.

6. Next Steps!

When you submit at least 50 Timing, Special Handling, QC, and Speaker ID tasks with a Special Handling QC Score between 3.75+ you will become eligible for Level 7 work. With every CrowdSurf Promotion, you unlock access to new and better work!  

You are one of our highest performing workers and we want to thank you for all your hard work! We are excited to have you in Level 6!


Please help us clear the QC queue today!



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