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Pop-Up Box

Will contain special instructions regarding the job. These may include information such as the names of the speakers in the job. You will need to read through these carefully and click “I Accept These Guidelines” button before accepting the job

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ALWAYS review the job's Notes section, where you may find special instructions on how to identify speakers throughout the media.

If names are not provided, we expect you to look out for speaker names by listening to the media carefully. You may also use the Internet in instances where the speakers may be widely known and identifiable.


You will then review the entire video, line by line, and verify that the person speaking matches the name/ID that is assigned to that line. Do not rely on what is pre-populated in the transcript.

These jobs will either show up with just “Speaker 1” throughout, although if there are multiple speakers it may alternate between “Speaker 1” and “Speaker 2” though there may be more than 2 speakers.

If there is only one speaker throughout the video please ID it correctly at the beginning of the job and make sure you see it throughout the transcript.


Speaker Tab

When you begin reviewing the job, you may come across the names of the speakers in the transcript. If you click on the Speaker tab (see figure below), you will have the option of entering the names and or gender of the speakers in the audio/media to identify them properly in the job. If no names are used, you can identify by selecting a speaker number and a gender. For example: Female Speaker 1, Male Speaker 1, etc.

*Note: some jobs may provide the names of the speakers. Please make sure you check the custom guidelines or notes section of the job for these.


Once you have added the Speaker ID’s or Names – you will be able to view them on the drop down box in the center pane. (see figure below)



*Please note that you can make speaker changes to the transcript in different places within this tool and that every sentence has the speaker identified, even if the same speaker is speaking consecutive sentences.


Center Pane

• If you need to make speaker changes to a specific sentence - Select the sentence then click and select the correct speaker.

• You can also see speaker alternate here while playing and reviewing transcript.

*Please note that if the sentence you selected was already tagged with a different speaker – the changes you make will be auto populated to all snippets following your change until the next speaker tag/change in the transcript.

Hint: If you need to make a change to only one particular sentence, then you need to tag the sentence below it with a speaker icon before you make the change.



Navigation Pane

  • Speaker changes can also be done using the “Speaker Icon” at the right hand side of every sentence in the Navigation Pane (see figure below). 
  • Select sentence and click on the Speaker icon to make the changes in speaker. If there are multiple speakers, you will need to select the speaker in the center pane before making the changes.

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Next Speaker Icon

You won’t have to scroll to find the speaker changes anymore! Now you can simply click on the “Next Speaker Icon” and this allows you to easily jump to the next speaker tagged in the transcript.

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Show All Button

This is located under the Speaker Tab in the Help Pane. The “Show All Button” allows you to select any of the Speakers from the Job and listen to all of their snippets. This is an effective way of spot checking your work and making sure that you have identified the correct speaker for those snippets. (see figure below)



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Using the Tool

1. Listen to the media and select the appropriate speaker from the drop down menu in the Center Pane (or add them on the Speakers panel to the right under the Speaker Tab.

• Once you make a speaker change in the transcript, remember that the selection made will populate the snippets/sentences below (up to the next speaker change).

• When you change the default speaker name to a proper name, it will populate all of the appropriate labels throughout the transcript.

2. Click the “Next Speaker Change” button to move to the next speaker, select the name from the drop down menu.

3. If a speaker change is incorrectly flagged or needs to be changed, you can do so using the “Speaker Change” button in the center pane or by clicking the red speaker icon on the Navigation Pane.

• Note that when the icon is red it indicates a change in speaker. Black icon means the same speaker.

• When a change in speaker is added or removed it will modify all the speaker labels below it.

4. Filter by speaker under the Speaker Tab using the “Show All” button to check your work.

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These are the most up to date Speaker ID instructions.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us through the help center.

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