Transcription Updates- Higher Rewards for Longer HITs



Get Higher Rewards On Longer HITs.


Get paid more when you take on more challenging HITs.  


Previously, you were paid the same for a 16 second HIT as you were for a 25 second HIT.  We've made the individual HIT reward amount variable so you can earn more for the tasks that take more time. This is called Variable Pricing.

You will always know exactly how much each HIT is valued.  The total reward for the HIT is viewable once you preview the HIT - so don’t be deterred by the base price! Each task type indicates the highest variable price available in the description.

*Keep in mind that  the Total Reward is the total amount to be earned on the HIT and is not in addition to the base price.


In the examples below you will see the differences of tasks that are available in the same base price queue.


Example 1.

Number 1. The BASE price of this queue would be $0.08.   

Once you preview a task it will show you:

Number 2. Total Reward paid on the length of the task.  In this case it is $0.12.

Number 3. Shows you the total length of the task.



Example 2.

This task is from the same queue as the above example and demonstrates the variable price based on the shorter length.




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