Transcript Quality Feedback


Detailed Quality Feedback


When you click on your QC score on your Work History Dashboard, you can now view detailed feedback on the HIT. This will help you review your score and any errors that were corrected.  



As always, when you have a question about a HIT or a review please include your Worker ID in every message to the CrowdSurf Support Team. Thank you!

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    Eneida Gastal-Keith

    I've been trying to submit two questions, and I keep receiving automated answers with this message: ##- Please type your reply above this line -##
    First I sent emails without my worker ID number. Then I sent them again with the number. Finally, I submitted a request using the Request form. For all of those, I received the same message back (as above).
    I would appreciate some guidance about what I am doing wrong.
    Eneida Gastal-Keith
    Worker ID 942f54107e2c428894092cc2e83ebb03

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