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We are excited to introduce our new CrowdSurfWork Platform!

 There are a lot of new improvements that will make your Tasks faster and more user friendly.   This is only stage 1 of this project there are many exciting additions coming. Let's focus on how the New CrowdSurfWork platform will benefit you today!



  •  Faster Load Times - Our new platform will reduce load times for the media by up to 50%!   You will notice a significant improvement in speed when saving your work allowing you to continue on to your next task much faster.  
  • A more reliable service with less unexpected downtime.
  • A NEW Log In - Log In FAQ's here.
  • A New Updated Look
  • New worker ID
  • A new name - We're working on deciding on a great new name. Have a Suggestion on a Name? Let us know!


All of your Crowd Virtualizer tasks are now available only on the CrowdSurfWork Platform.

Take a look HERE for details instructions!



CrowdSurfWork Platform FAQ 

Question 1. What is the new CrowdSurfWork Platform?
A. CrowdSurfWork is the new Crowd Virtualizer platform. All of your Full Text Review, QC, QC Reject tasks are now available on CrowdSurfWork!

Question 2. Where do I login?
A. Bookmark this link!

Question 3. How do I login?
A. You will need to sign up with CrowdSurf on Work Market. The CrowdSurf team will send you individualized login instructions. Please check your email a few days after joining the CrowdSurf group on Work Market.

Question 4. Why doesn't my dashboard work?
A. Your Work History Dashboard is under construction! Find your daily and weekly stats on the Freelance Feedback Sheet!

Question 5. Why did I get a reject?
A. Your FTR tasks are quality controlled just like your HITs in Mturk. If you want quality feedback on your rejected tasks, just email us and we'll go over it with you!



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  • Avatar

    Tried to login using the instructions above, but got a message asking me to enter a correct username and password.

  • Avatar

    How come I cannot log in yet I followed the instruction?

  • Avatar
    Nicole OShaughnessy

    How come I cannot log in I tried using the instructions above but got a message asking me to enter the correct username and password?

  • Avatar
    Andrew Faltersack

    I am also having a lot of trouble and confusion getting logged in.

  • Avatar
    Edward Yost

    Please, I put hours of study into Crowdsurf and need to start making money from it. From this thread it seems others are having the exact problem i am having, Please respond ASAP.

  • Avatar
    Maureen Refior

    I have been trying to get started with CrowdSurf for three weeks now. I currently can't log in to the new platform; I also have no idea where to find work. I've been getting more and more frustrated with this whole process. I've tried contacting the Facebook group and got no response, I've submitted requests through WorkMarket and CrowdSurf, and there has been absolutely no response from anyone. I can't even get into the subreddit. What is going on? Is there just no work to be had? Do the mods at the Facebook and Reddit pages simply not respond? I don't understand how people are supposed to make money if they can't log into the work platform. I even tried the password reset and got nothing.

  • Avatar
    Joseph Dennis Vicencio

    I passed my Crowdsurf assessment last 08/26/19. It's been 10 business days already and I still have not received my login instructions. Can someone assist me with this matter? I want to work, but I do not have access to the platform.

  • Avatar
    brian jaiden

    yes i can help you Joseph

  • Avatar
    Pamela J Salois

    I cannot log into the Crowdsurf work platform. Can someone help me with this issue?

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