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Level 4 is the CrowdSurfWork private editing platform.  Instead of doing HITs in MTurk, you will be doing per media minute Full Text Review Tasks.  

Level 4 entails some important changes from doing MTurk HITs.  We have included common questions and answers about Level 4 below.   

Let us know if you have additional questions, we are here to help. We look forward to working with you!

Job: Full Text Editor


    • Transcription Qualification in Mechanical Turk
    • Transcription Review Qualification in Mechanical Turk
    • Full Text Review Qualification in CrowdSurfWork
    • Full Text Review – General Media Qualification in CrowdSurfWork (High volume demand only)

Level 4!

1. What is Level 4?
2. How much do I make in Level 4?
3. Your Success in Level 4
4. Tracking Your Work
5. Payment Method
6. Logging In to CrowdSurfWork
7. Next Steps!
8. Log In FAQ's


1. What is Level 4?

Level 4 CrowdSurfers are responsible for editing and identifying any timing errors in Full Length Transcripts. This is the first time anyone has seen the Full Length Transcript after all of its MTurk HITs come together, and we need you to make sure it is 100% PERFECT. Click here to see Full Text Review Guidelines.  

See the FAQ's for Log In information here.

2. How much do I make in Level 4?

Level 4 Full Text Review tasks are worth $0.17 per media minute for editing and flagging incorrect timing. These tasks have a higher effective pay rate than our Transcription HITs and our Review HITs in MTurk. 

3. Your Success in Level 4

To stay in Level 4 we need you to keep delivering high quality work. This means a QC Score between 3.5 and 3.69 and an Approval Rating of 90%. If your score falls below these quality levels we will provide feedback on your mistakes. Our goal is to help you be as successful as possible with CrowdSurfWork.

4. Tracking Your Work

Your CrowdSurfWork ID is *|MMERGE3|*.   

Keep this ID to track your performance on the Daily Worker Data Spreadsheet.
The first 2 tabs are relevant to Level 4. You can see media minutes worked, your average QC score, Approval Rate, and number of rejected Full Text Review tasks. 

You'll receive emails letting you know which ones you qualify for. These data is provided daily and in a weekly summary.   More about the spreadsheet:

  • Weekly data shows work from Monday 12:00am - Sunday 11:59pm PST
  • Daily data shows work from 12:00am - 11:59pm PST.
  • The Spreadsheet is updated Monday-Friday for the previous day.  Work done from Friday-Sunday will be updated on Monday.
  • To keep the data anonymous, everyone has a CrowdSurfWork ID.
  • Tip: Use CTRL+F to search the spreadsheet for your worker ID.

5. Payment Method

You will be paid per media minute, not per task on CrowdSurfWork.

This means that a 10 minute task is worth $1.70. The longer the task, the more you earn!  Please refer to the Daily Worker Spreadsheet for your earnings information.  

All payments will be made to your MTurk account on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays for work completed by 11:59pm PST the previous night.

CrowdSurfWork Bonuses are in addition to the $0.17 per mm base rate. Bonus announcements are posted every week on the CrowdSurf Blog.

6. Logging In to CrowdSurfWork

Please login HERE with the following credentials:
Username: Firstname.Lastname  Password: LastnameFirstname
Example- Username:  John.Doe  Password: DoeJohn

Once you've logged in for the first time:

7. Next Steps!

When you submit at least 50 FTR tasks with a QC Score between 3.7 and 3.8 you will become eligible for Level 5 work. Level 5 CrowdSurfers have access to Quality Control Tasks ($0.17/mm), Timing Tasks ($0.18/mm, Special Handling Tasks ($0.20) and Speaker ID Tasks ($0.15). With every CrowdSurf Promotion you unlock access to new and better work!  

See the 
FAQ's for Log In information here.


CrowdSurfWork Platform 

Question 1. What is the new CrowdSurfWork Platform?
A. CrowdSurfWork is the new Crowd Virtualizer platform. All of your Full Text Review, QC, QC Reject tasks are now available on CrowdSurfWork!

Question 2. Where do I login?
A. Bookmark this link!

Question 3. How do I login?
A. Just use your first and last name! If your name is John Doe, your login credentials are:
  • Username:  John.Doe
  • Password:  DoeJohn

Question 4. Why doesn't my dashboard work?
A. Your Work History Dashboard is under construction! Find your daily and weekly stats on the Freelance Feedback Sheet!

Question 5. Why did I get a reject?
A. Your FTR tasks are quality controlled just like your HITs in Mturk. If you want quality feedback on your rejected tasks, just email us and we'll go over it with you!


Question 6. Why did I lose my task?
A.  To better meet deadlines we have implemented an additional activity monitor separate from the 14 hour timer on the task. As long as you stay logged in and connected to the CrowdSurfWork platform with a healthy Internet connection, you should not lose the task.
To find an active task, click the "Active" button in the top right, preview and try to accept the task that is served up, click "Continue" to resume work on your active task.

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