Section 4: Numbers 5/18



Section Four- Numbers

Write out numbers zero through ten, numbers above ten represent with numerical digits.


Writing Out Numbers zero through ten

Write out all numbers zero through ten, unless they are part of the following:

  1. Court rulings (4-3),
  2. Sports records (10-7-0),
  3. Height measurements (6'9")
  4. Mathematical or scientific equations or computer code (transcribe as seen in lecture slides)
  5. Time (12:15PM)
  6. List (1. Sign up 2. Log in...)
  7. Biblical references (John 3:16)
  8. Storage units (1 GB)
  9. Binary (0101)
  10. Dates (April 7th, 2015)

These are two of the ideas that I want to share.

Two times two equals four.

Shown on screen:
2 x 2 = 4

Transcribe as:
2 x 2 = 4.


Numerals for Numbers 11 and above
  1. Write numerically all numbers between 11 and above.
  2. For numbers above 999,999, substitute million, billion, etc. for the zeros.

Incorrect: This new policy will affect roughly 400 thousand people in New Mexico.

  1. Their tour will stop in 21 cities around North America.
  2. This new policy will affect roughly 400,000 people in New Mexico.
  3. She’s got 1 million new followers on Twitter.

Imprecise Number Amounts

  1. For imprecise numerical amounts spell out the numbers.
  2. This applies when the speaker is estimating or using an exaggeration which is not intended to be a precise quantity.

Examples: a few hundred, a few thousand, a million

We need to raise a hundred dollars.

Transcribe as:
We need to raise $100.


The team raised a few hundred dollars.

Transcribe as:
The team raised a few hundred dollars.


I've got about a billion things to do today.

Transcribe as:
I've got about a billion things to do today.

Range of Numbers and Consistency
  1. Do Not use a dash, always spell out “to”
  2. Use consistent formatting within sentences,  use numerals (when at least one of the numbers is over 10) for quantities with related units, lists, or numbers with a statistical relationship.

  1. The President will need 60 to 70% approval rating in the polls.
  2. Skip ahead 10 to 20 frames and click Play.
Ordinal Numbers –
First, Second, Third, etc.
  1. Spell out the word for first through tenth.
  2. Use numerals for 11th and above.
  1. I will be visiting their second grade class on June 25th.
  2. She was first woman admitted in the 19th century.
Roman Numerals

 Use Roman numerals to describe sequences like in wars, events, or people.

World War II, King John II,
Super Bowl XLIX






  1. Use the numeral followed by ‘%’, unless speaker uses a fraction of a percent.
  2. Exception: Do not use ‘%’ if a number is not associated with it.
  1. 57%
  2. What percent correct do I need to get an A in this class?

We’re seeing an increase of a quarter of a percent versus last year’s increase of twelve percent.

Transcribe as:
We’re seeing an increase of a quarter of a percent versus last year’s increase of 12%.

Decimal Numbers

If the number is less than one, then use a leading 0 before the decimal point.

0.7 seconds, 0.5%



No apostrophe necessary when referencing the time period.


The 1980s, the 60s


Don’t add zeros when referencing age range or quantity.

She is probably in her thirties.

He wrote hundreds of pages.



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