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Section Six- Currency and Time




Dollars and Cents

  1. Do not write “dollars” use $ sign for a quantifiable amount.
  2. When less than $1 use the format $0.xx.

I owe you $12 for lunch today.

The startup raised $1.2 million in round one.

The profit margin is $0.50 per unit.


If the speaker says ‘bucks’ instead of 'dollars’, spell out bucks.


25 bucks

Foreign Currency

When transcribing foreign currency, type out the word for it, rather than the symbol.


I just visited England and I have 100 pounds left over from the trip.


AM and PM

  1. Use AM and PM not a.m. and p.m.
  2. If the time is on the hour, transcribe without :00

1:17 PM or 1 PM

12 o’clock

If the speaker says o’clock transcribe it as heard.


12 o’clock

not 12:00 o’clock

Military Time

If spoken as x hundred hours, use the 00:00 format.

17:00 hours

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