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Section Eight- Computers & Software

Capture the audio content of the HIT in your transcript, use the video to guide your formatting of any buttons, tabs, or other elements of the computer interface.






Shift-click to select all of the files in the folder

Alt (And other keyboard combinations)


If it Sounds like : Hold alt, control, delete.

Transcribe like this:  Hold Alt+Ctrl+Delete



 Option+N creates the ñ character.



Press Cmd+Z (Mac) to undo the last action.



 Press Ctrl+Z (Windows) to undo the last action.

Enter or Return

Enter or Return

 Then hit Enter.

Arrow up / arrow down

Arrow up or arrow down

Press the arrow up or arrow down keys to increase or decrease the pen diameter.


Spell out symbol keys like “comma”

Press Ctrl+comma to increase the brush size.

“Dot” and File names

When a speaker says “dot” DO NOT spell it out, transcribe it with a period.

Transcribe the final version of the file name as it appears on screen.

 My email address is


I’ve uploaded the image dot P N G file.

Transcribe as:
I’ve uploaded the image.png file.

Space bar

Space bar


F three

(or any function key)

Transcribe as the letter and numeral




Double-click the border symbol to open it in symbol editing mode.

OK button

Follow the spelling and formatting shown on screen in the computer interface.

e.g. Capitalize words that are shown as capitalized in the computer interface.

Only use this spelling, OK, when referring to the computer command.

I'm gonna go to the Emulate tab, select Mobile Devices option, then click OK.

CamelCase and code formatting

(Writing compound words or phrases so that each word begins with a capital letter.)


Follow on-screen formatting in computer-related HITs. If a line of computer programming code shows specific spacing, capitalization, and punctuation, use the same in your transcript.

I will be using PowerPoint today.

Use the onCreate method.

Software names

All software and company names must be spelled correctly. If you are not sure, look it up to find correct spelling and formatting.

Use the CrowdSurf Glossary for assistance.

V M ware was the first company to successfully virtualize the x eighty-six architecture.

Transcribe as:
VMware was the first company to successfully virtualize the x86 architecture.

File Path Instructions

When the speaker instructs the user to go to a menu or to press a certain combination of keys, use the following conventions, with a space on either side of the “>”.

Go to File, then Documents, then Open.

Transcribe as:
Go to File > Documents > Open

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