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We are thrilled to have you on the CrowdSurfWork Level 4 team!  For the first time ever, you will be scoring and correcting your peers' work. This is your chance to take everything you've learned in Full Text Review and use it to help fellow transcribers improve their work.

Your #1 goal as a Reviewer is to get the most correct transcript into FTR, while providing constructive improvements to the transcriber's work!  

This article contains everything you need to know about Level 4  Transcription Review tasks on Mturk. Keep reading to get started!

Congratulations once again, and we can't wait to work with you!

Your CrowdSurf Support Team

Level 4!
1. What is Level 4?
2. How much do I make in Level 4?
3. Your Success in Level 4
4. Level 4 Best Practices
5. Next Steps!


1. What is Level 4?

Level 4 is responsible for making transcripts 100% perfect before they go to FTR!

In Level 3 you've seen how important it is to have high quality transcripts coming into Full Text Review. In Level 4 you gain access to "Review, edit and score" HITs, where you'll edit and identify errors in transcripts before they go to the FTR queue.

As a Level 4 worker, you've got a lot of new POWER! You have the opportunity to mentor fellow CrowdSurfers by leaving constructive comments and scores on their transcript reviews. We're counting on you to put your FTR expertise to good use in Level 3!

Read the Review Tool Guidelines for Level 4 Best Practices.  

2. How much do I make in Level 4?

Level 4 Transcription Review tasks are paid per task. You will be automatically paid via Amazon Payments or Work Market. Please check the CrowdSurf Bonus Blog regularly for Special Requirements for your weekly bonus. 

Transcription Review tasks are 35 seconds of media or less, and are easier and shorter than Transcription HITs. This means you'll have a higher effective pay rate in Transcription Review! 

3. Your Success in Level 4

To stay in Level 4 we need you to keep delivering high quality work. You'll need to focus on correct scoring and correct transcripts. To do both you should be a CrowdSurf Guidelines expert!

Your Transcription Review dashboard will display the score you award HITs, not the score you earn. DO NOT use the average QC score to measure your success on "Review edit and score" HITs.

We will monitor your work quality closely for accurate scoring and high quality transcription content, and we'll contact you if there is an issue with one of your Reviews. If you don't hear from us, you're doing just fine!

Level 4 Best Practices 

  • Use the General Guidelines, Internet research, and your understanding of FTR to guide your reviews.
  • If you make an edit, you must mark an error.
  • Please give transcribers the benefit of the doubt. Do not make subjective changes, especially subjective changes to commas. Follow these rules and suggest more here.
  • If you're deciding between major and minor errors, major impacts the meaning of the transcript, minor does not.
  • Please do not mark down or edit spacing around tags.
  • Please disregard periods at the end of HITs. Do not edit or score based on an erroneous period at the end of a HIT.
  • Please disregard /g on correctly spelled words. If the word with a /g on the end is spelled correctly for the transcript, please leave it alone. If spelled incorrectly, please correct spelling and mark as "Partially replaced..".
  • Inaudible or unknown tags.  If able to correct inaudible or unknown tag, make the change and mark as "Partially replaced tag..." error. Do not count as missing words.
  • Please try to transcribe plot-relevant sounds.  Do not mark transcript down if there is ANY ambiguity about this in the HIT. Leave a comment but do not mark any errors or make any edits if it is unclear whether the noise, sound, etc. is plot-relevant.

5. Next Steps!

When you submit at least 150 "Review edit and score" HITs you will become eligible for Level 5 work.

Level 5 CrowdSurfers have access to Quality Control Tasks ($0.17/mm), Timing Tasks ($0.18/mm, Special Handling Tasks ($0.20) and Speaker ID Tasks ($0.15). With every CrowdSurf Promotion you unlock access to new and better work!  


You are one of our highest performing workers on MTurk and we want to thank you for all your hard work! We are excited to have you in Level 4!

Get Started in Level 4 Now!  


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