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As you know, we have been exploring all options to ensure that the CrowdSurf Work experience is the best it possibly can be.

We are excited to announce that we will be partnering with Work Market, a cloud-based Freelance Management System to continue hiring and paying all of our wonderful CrowdSurfers who currently work on Mturk.

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  1. An Introduction to Work Market 
  2. How to Get Started on CrowdSurfWork via Work Market
  3. Frequently Asked Questions

What you need to know:

We plan to make Work Market our primary payment platform, but we will continue to offer work through Mturk and Upwork, at approximately 10% lower rates than what is currently offered on Mturk and what will continue to be offered on Work Market.

Some benefits of Work Market:

  • Easy Account Creation
  • Reliable and user-friendly website
  • Several Payment Disbursement options
  • More customizable user-experience on the CSW platform

We will use Work Market as a new hiring platform (similar to Mturk), and our transcription and editing tasks will be available on our private CrowdSurfWork platform.

This means that all work will be completed on CrowdSurfWork, and Work Market will be simply a payment mechanism for your CrowdSurf tasks. 


Here's how you get started:

1)  The Recruitment Email:  We will send a recruitment campaign to invite you to Work Market. Do not make your own account on Work Market until you receive the campaign. This campaign will ensure that you're in the correct level, so please wait for the invitation.

2) Work Market Setup:  Once you receive the recruitment message, go ahead and make your account on Work Market. Be sure to verify your email and please set your industry as "Writing and Translation".
Remember: Set your preferred notification settings (uncheck all of the boxes so you don't get spammed by other requesters) and set up your tax/ banking information for later. Please research and choose the payment method that best fits your needs.

3) Wait for Login Instructions:  Once everyone has created their Work Market accounts, we will create your new CrowdSurfWork accounts and send you an email with CrowdSurfWork platform login instructions. Please wait to receive our email, it may take up to 3-7 days.

Move to CrowdSurfWork:  Once you receive your CrowdSurfWork instructions, please move all of your CrowdSurf activity to the CrowdSurfWork platform and Work Market payments. Please note that bonuses will not be combined across both platforms and rollover will not be moved over to Work Market. Start as soon as possible on Work Market to avoid bonus disruption.

Receive Payments via Work Market:  While you're using Work Market, you will log in to the CrowdSurfWork platform to complete all work and track all work history, payments, and feedback. No action will be required on Work Market except receiving funds and withdrawing funds from your Work Market account.

Thank you for helping us realize the new phase of CrowdSurf work, for the crowd, by the crowd. Please stand by for your Work Market recruitment email.

If you have further questions, please see the FAQ below!

Your CrowdSurf Support Team


Peruse our commonly asked Work Market questions below!

1. I'm in the wrong group on Work Market, what do I do?
A. Email us your Work Market ID and the Level that you're supposed to be in, and we'll update your qualifications as soon as we can.

2. Since I started the week on Mturk and then started working on CrowdSurfWork, will my bonuses be combined?
A. No, there are no bonuses offered on Mturk. 
Your Mturk worker ID will earn your Mturk earnings. And your Work Market worker ID will earn your CrowdSurfWork earnings and you are eligible for bonuses.

We encourage you to move exclusively to Work Market at your earliest convenience to maximize bonus earnings on CrowdSurfWork.
Additionally, the sooner you move to Work Market, the sooner you will be eligible for level promotions, and HIT score disputes.

3. Why am I getting notifications that say: "CrowdSurf Admin cancelled your assignment, CrowdSurf Task (4843625809)"?
None of your "assignments" are actually being cancelled.
It is a system error that we are working on internally.  We ask that you ignore these "cancellation" notices for now, as well as
 other "invalid" states.

The only valid state at this time is the "paid" status. This is an accurate state and you should see your payments going through with no issues.  If you notice any discrepancies in the "paid" assignments, please wait 24 hours before notifying us. It appears that if there is a delay in payment, it's usually processed within a few hours.

4. Why am I getting double notifications from CrowdSurf via Work Market/ why are all these other employers contacting me?
A. This is controlled by your Work Market notification and privacy settings.
If we need to get a hold of you, we will email you directly or message you via the CrowdSurfWork platform. Please set your notification settings according to your preferences. We recommend unchecking the box that says
"Invites to take on assignments" as well as "Assignment Updated" and "Assignment Cancelled".

5. How will payments be better on Work Market?
A. With Work Market, you'll work on CrowdSurfWork, and get paid through Work Market.

This means that CrowdSurfWork will be the place where you accept, work, and submit tasks and also where you keep track of pending payments, work history, and task feedback. Your Work Market platform will act as a place to view receipts of completed payments.
You can also choose several different payment option on Work Market, including Pay Pal, Bank Transfer, or a Work Market card. We encourage you to look into each option and choose the one that best suits your needs. 

Please also take into consideration that pay rates on Mturk will decrease by 10% to account for the rate increase charged to requestors to use Mturk. 
Work Market / CrowdSurfWork will continue to offer the same pay rates we typically offer for CrowdSurf tasks - bonuses and happy hours included! 

Please continue to visit the CrowdSurf Bonus blog for Weekly Bonus terms and conditions!


We hope to see you all on Work Market over the next few weeks!

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  • Avatar
    Zack Valentine

    I have still not received login information more than two months after it was promised. I've created three different support requests and they've all been ignored.

  • Avatar
    paula henderson

    I recommended you to a friend that lives in South Carolina and she says she get a message that you are not available in her area? Can you point me to a help page that would explain why someone in South Carolina cannot sign up and work? thank you so much for your help

  • Avatar
    Melissa Battles

    Hi, I'm a little confused. I have an account both here and on Work Market, but I can't remember if I ever saw the recruitment email you spoke about, or if I created my Work Market account without one. All I know is that I'm not seeing a way to access jobs, and I don't see any kind of work dashboard in either account, so I'm not sure what to do next. Should I delete my Work Market account and then put in a request here for the recruitment email? Thank you, and have a great day.

  • Avatar
    Job Ndirangu

    Not helpful. If I am going to be working on this site, why do I need to take a test on Work Market and not here?

  • Avatar
    Omer Mughal

    I have still not received login information after a month.

  • Avatar
    Kevin Mieszala

    I still haven't received an email to start working. I passed the test and was accepted into the pool but haven't gotten any other emails yet.

  • Avatar
    Debra Hendrick

    Yes, I am new to Crowdsurf. How do you stop or pause hits from automatically coming to you? Say just to drink some water or just a short break. There may be some hits I miss when I try to drink water or eat a snack. It drives me crazy that I cannot find out how to pause the hits. Please help!

  • Avatar
    Maricris Dollosa

    Hi! I was able to pass the transcription assessment in Work Market. According to the instructions, it would take 5-7 days for me to receive an email containing the login for Crowdsurf. I have been a member of the talent pool since 10/23/17, it's almost 2 months and I still haven't received any emails. Is there anything else that needs to be done?

  • Avatar
    Evans Wanyama

    I haven't received the crowdsurf login details since I passed the test what could be the problem over there and yet I did every instructions that were given about creating an account

  • Avatar
    Derick Momanyi

    I have still not received login information after two weeks

  • Avatar
    Natalie Joy Basson

    Hi all, I completed and passed my test on Workmarket on17 July 2019 and have yet to receive my details. Please assist.

  • Avatar
    Derick Momanyi

    why are our queries not being answered? its been a month and I haven't received any log in information.

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