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How will you get paid for your work on the CrowdSurfWork Platform?

All work will be completed on the CrowdSurfWork Platform, and payments will go to your Work Market account. Work Market offers several disbursement methods including PayPal, direct deposit and a Work Market card.

We have created a way to bundle your individual task payments to ameliorate the payment processing load for Work Market.  

You will now receive batches of payments to your Work Market accounts for a group of tasks completed on CrowdSurfWork.

This post will answer the questions:

  1. What are batch payments?
  2. How do batch payments work with my schedule?
  3. How do I reconcile my CrowdSurf payments?

What does this mean for you?
You will now receive one payment in Work Market for each batch of tasks completed in CrowdSurfWork. No more 1:1 payment to task ratio! The number of tasks in each batch, and the timing of payments depends on your level of activity. Each batch will be paid after approximately an hour of inactivity. 
This will allow for more reliable CrowdSurfWork payments to your Work Market account.

Here are some examples:
If you work for 40 minutes and then do not work for at least an hour, you will receive a single payment for all of the work completed in your 40 minutes of activity.

Alternatively, if you work for 4 hours, take a 30 minute break, and then work for 2 more hours before stopping for the day, all of your tasks from the 6 hours of activity will be paid in one payment, likely while you are sleeping. 

Batch payments are designed to reduce the number of "cancelled", "invalid", "voided" notifications that you receive on Work Market.

Here is what it looks like:
Anonymous worker works 9 Transcription Review Tasks in CrowdSurfWork, totaling to $0.85 as depicted in the CrowdSurfWork Transcription Review Dashboard.

Anonymous Worker stops working for at least an hour and checks Work Market for payments received.
A single payment of $0.85 comes through Work Market for the batch of 9 Transcription Review HITs worked on CrowdSurfWork.

Here's a closer look!

Coming up next:
Batch payments are just part of the solution!

We are also working on several Work History Dashboard improvements so that you can keep a close eye on your task numbers, earnings, and payment summary. Our aim is to greatly increase transparency around your CrowdSurfWork payments. 

For now, you can use the Payment Amount Total on your Payment Summary tab of your Work History Dashboard to review all payments going to your Work Market account.


Please keep in mind that Work Market is only for your payments. For task submission and keeping track of work history, work quality, and task volume, you'll need to refer to your CrowdSurfWork dashboard.

Just think of Work Market as a way to see your receipt after you've been paid. Everything else that you need will be accessible on the CrowdSurfWork platform.

That's it for now! If you need to refer to the Work Market FAQ, please see them here.

The whole CrowdSurf tech team is working to make sure Work Market and CrowdSurfWork offer a sustainable, enjoyable, and user-friendly experience for every single one of you in the CrowdSurf community!

Thank you for all of your hard work with CrowdSurf this month!  

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