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Thank you for your interest in CrowdSurf.


CrowdSurf takes pride in providing on-demand transcription and captioning services that make online media more accessible and enjoyable for hearing impaired users.

We process a variety of online media (ranging from exclusive interviews to popular cartoons) and we need your help to create verbatim transcripts!

CrowdSurf uses Work Market to hire and pay all CrowdSurf freelancers. You’ll join CrowdSurf via Work Market, and work with us on our private editing platform, the CrowdSurfWork platform.

It’s easy to get started.


Already have a Work Market account and want to log in to CrowdSurfWork? Skip to Step 3.3!


Follow these 4 easy steps to get started! 

STEP 1: Work Market Sign Up

1. Use the Join Us On Work Market! link at the bottom of this page and create your Work Market account. (Note: Choose **Writing and Translation** as your primary Industry. Use the drop down list to select your **Postal Code**)

2. The Work Market team will review your profile and tax information. This typically takes less than 24 hours. If there’s an issue, please contact their support team.

3. Set up your Payment Method, you can choose from Direct Deposit, Paypal, and more!


 STEP 2: Join CrowdSurf on Work Market

Work Market uses recruitment groups to connect you with employers offering freelance work. Once your Work Market account is set up:

1. Apply to join CrowdSurf as a new CrowdSurf transcriber by:

 Logging in to your Work Market account


  • Clicking on *Groups*, located in the left sidebar underneath Profile
  • Typing CrowdSurf in the Keyword search box on the right, then clicking go.
  • Clicking on New CrowdSurf Transcribers.


2. Review our [General Guidelines](

3. Take the CrowdSurf Transcription Assessment to join the CrowdSurf group.



STEP 3: Start CrowdSurfing

1. Once you’ve passed the assessment, you will receive an email from Work Market with the results.

2. Once you have passed the assessment, the CrowdSurf team will process your Work Market account. Please check your account often for an any invites you may receive from CrowdSurf and don't forget to press the accept button.

3. Within 5-10 business days we will create a new account for you on the CrowdSurfWork platform provided you are a member of the New CrowdSurf Transcriber group.  

4. When your account is ready we will email you login instructions for the CrowdSurfWork platform to your Work Market email.

5. Just follow the instructions in your email. All of your work will be available on the CrowdSurfWork platform. You will work on the CrowdSurfWork platform, and your payments will come through Work Market.



STEP 4: Things You Should Know  

If you're interested in Non-English Transcription, please click here

If you're interested in receiving critical updates and bonus offers from CrowdSurf, please subscribe to our Mailing List.

To continue working on CrowdSurf transcription, we ask that you maintain an average QC score of 3.5 (on our 1=fraud through 4=perfect scale) and work a minimum of 20 tasks per week to improve your skills and earn promotions. You must follow the Full General Guidelines to be successful with CrowdSurf.

You can find additional information about the New CrowdSurf Scoring system, posted on our CrowdSurf Blog.

Please note that we frequently update our guidelines and monitor our workers for quality and volume. Let us know if you have any questions or concerns

We're always happy to help!  


 CLICK HERE to Join Us On Work Market!


 Welcome to the CrowdSurf transcribing team, we are delighted to have you working with us!  


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