How-to: Edit the Transcription HITs


CrowdSurf offers two types of basic transcription tasks to Level 1 and Level 2 CrowdSurfers.

In the CrowdSurf queues you will see:

  1. Edit the transcription of up to 35 seconds of media - Earn up to $0.15 per HIT!
  2. Transcribe up to 35 seconds of media - Earn up to $0.17 per HIT!

This document covers everything you need to know about “Edit the transcription” HITs. 

Just like other transcription HITs, the “Edit the transcription” queue provides micro-tasks with 10-35 second clips of media to be transcribed.


*** “Edit the transcription” HITs are unique because they provide a pre-populated transcript, see the red box in the image below. No transcribing from scratch! Just listen to the media, perfect the existing transcript to 100% accuracy, and submit.



Since you already have a transcript, this HIT is faster and easier, and has a similar effective pay rate to our regular Transcription HITs.

Also, you don’t have to worry about keeping track of another task type for bonuses, the “Edit the Transcription” HITs count as Transcription HITs in any weekly or special bonus offers!

Check your feedback for “Edit the Transcription”  on the Transcription tab of your Work History Dashboard.

Still need help? Check out our “Edit the Transcription” tutorial video below.



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