New 3.85 QC Score Requirement

Bonus Quality Boost 

Hello CrowdSurfers,

As you already know, CrowdSurf's customers demand the highest quality transcription and caption services.

It has always been our goal to reward you for both quality and performance. We believe a high quality CrowdSurf product starts with the very first keystroke on a Transcription HIT.

To better align transcription practices with customer needs, we will be making adjustments to promotions and Transcription bonus payments. (This is good news - we can facilitate higher quality from the very first HIT all the way to Timing Review).

Here's what you need to know:

  1. Transcription quality is going up: Transcription weekly bonuses will require a 3.75 average QC score.
  2. Promotions for Transcription Superstars: Transcribers will now need a 3.85+ QC score and at least 200 HITs weekly for a promotion to FTR. 

Get ready! This means that the new eligibility requirements for Transcription Weekly Bonuses will be 3.85QC and it will be reflected in the Weekly Bonus blogs. 

We know this is a significant change, but the Dispute Tool is there to help. Now that you can use the Dispute Tool to correct unfair reviews, 3.85 is a piece of cake! (Mmm, funfetti??)

This will lead to big improvements all the way through the system. No more poor quality sneaking through to FTR and QC Reject!

Just a reminder that if you're working from Mturk, you can join us on CrowdSurfWork via Work Market for full payment and full bonuses. See more details here.

Thank you for all of your hard work with CrowdSurf!  We'll see you in the queues!

Your CrowdSurf Support Team

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