Update on Foreign Transcription Tasks


New Features are Coming Your Way!

Hello CrowdSurfers,

Thank you for all your work in reporting foreign language jobs!

We're happy to say we've got a new feature that will make your life easier.

The Problem:
We asked you to report every foreign language job you came across. These are jobs that have been accidentally submitted to our English transcription queues by CrowdSurf customers.

We still need your help with [FOREIGN] HITs, but now we've got a BETTER solution!

The New Foreign Language Solution:
You asked, we listened!
We have updated the [FOREIGN] HIT procedure so that you can now submit foreign language jobs as normal. 

Just use a [FOREIGN] tag where appropriate and submit!

We ask you to transcribe 100% foreign language jobs with [FOREIGN] tags. Then, our system will automatically remove these jobs that have been tagged as foreign from the queue. 

Here is why this works for you:
  • You will get paid for your work!
  • You will no longer waste time sending reports!
  • The system will use your work to remove annoying HITs!
However, if you continue to see the same foreign material (the system hasn't removed it), please report this at support@crowdsurfwork.com with the Job ID.

Our goal is to make your CrowdSurf experience the best it can be. Please let us know if you have any questions about this NEW foreign language procedure.
As always, we are here to proactively listen and work for you!

Warm regards,
CrowdSurf Support Team
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