Quality Control (QC) Training Guide


Link to QC Training Guide


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    Christine Enoc

    Hi! I passed the Crowdsurf assessment last week but still I didn't receive a log-in from the Crowdsurf Team. My email is pinky_tine@yahoo.com

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    Debra Hendrick

    Yes, I am new to Crowdsurf. How do you stop or pause hits from automatically coming to you? Say just to drink some water or just a short break. There may be some hits I miss when I try to drink water or eat a snack. It drives me crazy that I cannot find out how to pause the hits. Please help !

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    Lora Kristine M. Arcilla

    Hi! how can I get the assessment?

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    hi... I am Ivonne i need to know how can i get the assessment?

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    Hello Crowdsurf, I have passed the exam already but I still didn't receive my log ins. my email is chowchow0411@gmail.com

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